Monday, 26 May 2014

The Lazy Day Tag

So today is Bank Holiday Monday and my husband is at work until this evening so I've decided that I am doing NOTHING AT ALL today! I love lazy days so much, and haven't had one for ages so thought today was the best day to have one. Since I got out of bed I have been browsing blogs and came across this Lazy Day Tag on Louise's blog over at

So here we go!

1. Hair products?
If I'm having a lazy day and my hair happens to be in need of a wash I will take the time to give it a proper wash. The whole double shampoo, 5 minute conditioner and hair mask. Then I will dry my hair properly, and actually take the time to straighten it! On a usual day I won't straighten my hair because its naturally straight anyways. However today, my hair is in a bun on the top of my head!

2. Makeup products?
I don't wear makeup if I'm having a lazy day. There's nothing I love more than not wearing any makeup. I honestly wish I was naturally pretty with a flawless complexion so I didn't have to wear any, but unfortunately I'm not so on a lazy day I enjoy not wearing any at all, unless someone is coming over, in which case I'd quickly put some foundation and mascara on.

3. Outfits?
Currently I'm wearing an old T-shirt and my dressing gown, but I'm probably going to get ready soon but it will only be an upgrade to some leggings and a vest. I always get worried sitting in my pyjamas incase someone knocks on the door. There's nothing more embarrassing, I find, than answering the door in your pyjamas!

4. Tea or coffee?
Definitely tea! I drink between one and three cups of tea a day, with lots of biscuits of course! I'm surprised I'm not the size of a whale! You can't have tea without biscuits. I do drink coffee with my breakfast but for the rest of the day I go for tea.

5. Snacks?
Like I said in the previous questions, lots of biscuits dunked in my cup of tea! I'm not the type of person who binges all day when I'm not doing anything. Besides my biscuits, I don't often snack.

6. Pampering items?
I love a hot bath on the evening of a lazy day! Boiling hot with tons of Avon Bubble Bath! I love the Avon bubble baths, I have about five of them in my bathroom at the minute and often rotate them. They bubble up so nice, and you don't actually have to use a lot of it to get a lot of bubbles.

So there's my lazy day! I tag everyone who reads this to do it aswell :) 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday, everyone!

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