Monday, 26 May 2014

My Avon Favourites!

As you all know by now I am an Avon rep in my spare time, and I don't do it because I have to, I do it because I love it! I love being an Avon rep. I find that Avon is a great company with really good values. Their products are gorgeous, and they strive to be unique in every way. 

So on to my favourite Avon products at the minute. 
I've used the Avon Mega Effects Mascara since before they released it, and I adore it. Its so amazing and unique and really works for me. It makes my lashes so long with only two coats where other mascaras I have to build up the volume and length with at least four coats because my eyelashes are barely there. In my opinion, if you haven't already tried this mascara I would definitely recommend it, it is amazing!

I always have extremely dry hands, not just in the winter, all year round. So I always have to have a hand cream with me at all times. Recently I have been using this Avon Cocoa Butter Hand Cream and I love it so much. It not only smells delicious, it does the job really well. 

Another of my favs over the past few months is this Avon Blusher Brush. I really like it because its angled and it deposits just the right amount of product onto my cheeks, and then it is really easy to use to blend it in aswell. I've used a lot of blusher brushes in my time, and I would definitely say that this has been my favourite one to use. 

Finally, is the Avon Bubble Baths. I chose to put the Strawberry Sorbet one in this picture, but its definitely not just limited to this scent. I have used at least half a dozen of their bubble baths and I can't actually say there has been a one that I haven't liked. They all smell gorgeous and they bubble up really well, with using only a little of the product. They're so cheap, and you get a huge bottle so definitely worth the price.

Again, I really love Avon and not just because I work for them. They are, in my opinion, a really good brand and definitely cheap enough for someone like me who is always on a budget!

Do you have any Avon favs? What are they?

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