Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Homemade Strawberry Lip Scrub


In December I was in the shop Lush and came across their lipscrub range and although I was super tempted, the prices they were for a tiny little tub, I was just not willing to pay. So I went on my way and completely forgot about it, until recently. My lips have been dry the majority of my life, whatever time of the year I just always seem to get horrendously bad skin everywhere. Lips, hands, face, legs, everywhere! To be honest, my dry skin hasn't really bothered me until quite recently and I just seem to really hate it, especially on my lips because lipstick and lipgloss just looks awful on my chapped lips. So I have been using lip balms quite frequently which have really been helpful but I just felt like I needed a little bit more, which is when I started thinking of the lip scrubs again. So I looked on Lush, still too expensive. Ebay, even more expensive! Etsy, well let's just not go there. I thought to myself, how hard can it be to make? I knew they were just made out of sugar and some other stuff but I didn't actually realise just how very simple it was to make. It took me 5 minutes max! I am not joking. And cost me roughly £3 to make in total because most of the stuff you need to make it, I had lying around my house anyways.

So here's how I did it...

What you will need:
Sugar, castor or brown
Olive oil
Aloe Vera juice or fresh (optional)
Natural flavouring (I chose strawberry)
Food colouring (Optional)(I chose red to match the strawberry taste)
Vaseline (Optional)
Small mixing bowl
Small container to put your lip scrub in

Really all you need to make this product is sugar and olive oil, everything else is just an added extra. Before I start, I just want to say that this is completely just a trial and error recipe and its all about personal preference. This is how I made it, but you can totally just play around until you end up with the lip scrub you feel is best for you. 

First what I did was poured one teaspoon of aloe vera and one and a half teaspoons of olive oil into my mixing bowl. Then I added one teaspoon of the strawberry flavouring, I think next time though I would add less of this as it turned out to be quite overpowering. I then added a whole lot of castor sugar! I'm not sure how much in total I used, like I said its all trial and error. What you want is after you've mixed it together for your lip scrub to be quite solid, you should be able to hold your mixing bowl upside down and for no product to fall out. Next, I added the red food colouring until it was the colour I wanted it to be, then I added a small amount of Vaseline. I added the Vaseline just to add to the colour and also to add to the conditioning treatment of the lip scrub. Then mix until all the ingredients are completely incorporated. Once its of the consistency that you require, you can put your lip scrub into your container. If the mix becomes too much of a liquid consistency add more sugar, if it becomes too thick add more olive oil.

And voila! It really is that simple, and most of the ingredients, you will already have in your home! I hope you try this out, and let me know how you get on!
Ignore my horrible freckly face. This is my lip scrub on. Whats great about it is that after you've finished exfoliating, you can either wash your scrub off or eat it! Mine tasted so yummy and left my lips feeling so soft and hydrated :) 


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  1. I love this recipe! I've seen the julep lip scrubs online and wanted to try it, but i might try this recipe instead!


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