Thursday, 22 May 2014

Top Foundation Choices - And Review

I've decided to put together my favourite foundations of the minute and do a review on them. From left to right I've got Rimmel Lasting Finish in Ivory, Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory, Mac Pro LongWear in NC15 and N18, and finally Avon Ideal Flawless in Shell.

Lets start with the Rimmel Lasting Finish. I have used this foundation for years. When I was younger I went with a much darker colour until I figured out that orange is NOT best! So now I use Ivory, thank goodness! I really like this foundation, I love how it feels. It has a thick, creamy texture that reassures me it will stay on all day, which it does. I would say this foundation is medium to full coverage and I find that its great on my dry skin as it feels very moisturising. It smells very perfumey which I like, I hate smelly foundations. The smell reminds me of the summer, I must wear this foundation the most in the summer! It sells for £7.99 at Boots, which for a foundation is very affordable. Overall, I really like this foundation and I think if I had to choose a foundation to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. 

Next is the Rimmel Wake Me Up. I like this foundation for days when I'm feeling like I want a lighter coverage foundation. I find that this foundation starts to come off towards the end of the day but we can't expect all foundations to stay on forever! This foundation sells for £8.99 at Boots. I do like this foundation but its probably not a one I would continue to buy forever. For now though, it does the job.

On to my Mac collection. I have the same foundation in two colours as at first I bought the darker colour in the winter which I find to be too dark to wear in the spring and summer months. However, when I went to buy the next lightest colour I found it to be too light so what I do is I mix the two foundations together to get the colour that I want for my skin. When I went to the Mac counter I asked for a foundation that would stay on all day when I am at work and was recommended this, however I don't find that this foundation does that. And if like me, you're not very good at sticking to a strict skincare regime, this foundation probably isn't for you because I find that unless you have a freshly cleansed, toned and exfoliated face this foundation will not sit nicely on your skin. I do like this foundation but because it is £25 I don't often buy it!

Finally is a new one that I have been trying, the Avon Ideal Flawless. I bought this foundation in the colour shell and at first when I put it on I thought that it was too dark but once I had finished my whole makeup and took a look in the natural light, I feel that it is just right for my skin. I like how this foundation feels on my skin, light and fluffy. It doesn't stay on all day like I had hoped, however and it doesn't have a lovely smell either! I will keep using this foundation for a while longer before I decide if I love it or not. 

That's all for my Top Foundation Choices, which foundations are your fav and can you recommend me a great foundation for dry skin that will stay on all day?


  1. I love Rimmel foundations but they never make any that are pale enough for me! I can't really recommend any foundations for dry skin but Vichy Dermablend setting powder literally makes any foundation last all day so you could always just stick to the ones you like and get a new setting powder :)

    Ellie xx |

  2. Aw I didn't think to do that, what a great idea. I will look into it, thanks :) xx


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