Saturday, 7 February 2015

Pregnancy | 34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks and 4 days.

Baby's size: He's the size of a pineapple! 19-22 inches long and should be weighing in at 4.9lbs. We had a scan on Thursday though and he's weighing 5lbs 2oz so I think he's definitely going to be a chunk when he's born!

Total weight gain: Finally I weighed myself! At my midwife appointment on Thursday there was a trace of glucose in my urine which can mean gestational diabetes. But because it's the first time it's been in my urine she said she will wait until my next appointment and if there's still glucose present I will be sent to the hospital for blood tests to see if I have gestational diabetes. So I thought it was best to weigh myself and keep track of things. Overall I have put on exactly 2 stone since being pregnant. I'm really chuffed with this as I was expecting far more!

Maternity clothes: Yep! Definitely, all my ordinary clothes just look silly. I can still wear my ordinary leggings though.

Best moment this week: Seeing our gorgeous son on the scan! Even though it was only a 2D scan you could see everything! We saw that he has proper chubby little cheeks, definitely has his dads lips and has hair on his head. He kept putting his foot in his mouth and kicking himself in the head which is so cute! We also found out that my placenta has moved right up out of the way so it will be safe for me to deliver him naturally which I am so relieved about!

Miss anything? Nothing really this week.

Movement? Yes, he still moves all the time! I love feeling him :)

Food cravings: Sweet stuff! If I could I would eat chocolate and ice-cream all the time. I've been trying to eat healthier sweet stuff like grapes, pears and plums. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? No, nothing this week. I've been getting horrendous heartburn though.

Gender: Definitely still a boy! We double checked at the scan :)

Symptoms: Back ache, braxton hicks, breathlessness, muscle pain, nausea, leg cramps. All the same as last week. 

Belly button in or out? Still in funnily enough! I thought it would have popped by now.

Looking forward to: Everything that I had to look forward to before the baby comes is over now, so it's just going to be me sitting round and waiting for his arrival!

Other fun things to note: We finally got the cot! It looks gorgeous, I love it so much! Also, we had a little scare last weekend as I was having tightenings every 5 minutes lasting a minute and some mild back pain. So I rang labour and delivery and they told me just to come straight in. When we got there they put me on the monitor and the contractions were coming up on the monitor so they decided to keep me in over night. They did a test on me also to see how likely it would be for me to go into labour in the next two weeks and it came back as a less than 2% chance which was really reassuring. I want him to cook for as long as possible! The next morning they put me back on the monitor and the contractions were still showing up but not as regularly as before so they were happy to send me home. The doctor said that it just seems like I have a very sensitive stomach with a very active baby so I feel Braxton Hicks contractions (practise contractions) a lot more than other people. This makes me worried for labour, if I have a sensitive stomach surely that means I will feel pain more! Also I was told that baby was lying in the back to back position, so all week I was spending 10 minutes a day on my hands and knees as I had been told that this turns them, and thank goodness at my midwife appointment she said that he's moved!!

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