Monday, 2 February 2015

A letter to my Son..

Dear Baby Finn,

I wanted to write you this letter so that it be documented here until you are old enough to read it. Right now you are rolling around inside my tummy, just reminding mammy that even though I am sat at home on my own while your daddy is at work, I am not alone. I'm not sure that you ever really sleep as you move around so much all day long. I love the feeling of your little feet kicking out and the feeling of you moving backwards and forwards to either side of my tummy.  

I can't wait until you get here and I can kiss and cuddle you all day long. I can't wait to see how tiny your toes are, how beautiful your eyes are and how much hair you will have on your head. Me and your daddy keep trying to guess who you will look like the most. When you were 16 weeks old we went to have a 4D scan to find out whether you were a boy or a girl. You made us wait a lot longer than we had hoped as you had your legs crossed at first but I knew all along that you were a boy. Everyone else kept telling me girl but I just knew that this incredible life inside me was a little boy, a son for us. In the photos that we were given at that scan it looks to us like you have your daddy's lips. I'm so pleased that you at least resemble your daddy in some way, I am so proud of both of you. 

I hope you will love your bedroom as much as we do. Your daddy and I spent a long time planning and decorating your room just right! We want you to have the best of everything because you deserve it. We have waited so long for you, and it hasn't been an easy ride. You've been a bit of a tinker this pregnancy but I love you regardless! I'm sure that it is a sign of things to come, but just know that no matter what you do in the future your daddy and I will always love you, and we will always support you. We've waited so long for you. 

You're due to be born in 6 little weeks time and me and your daddy are so excited to finally meet you! To be a little family, together. You will never know the love that I have for you in my heart, I can't imagine how I will feel when I finally see your face when I feel this much love for you when we have yet to meet. I pray everyday that you will get here safely and that you will grow up to be a strong man with a fire in your belly for God. I hope you enjoy going to church and that you make lots of friends who will influence you in a positive way. Sometimes things in this world can be difficult and I wish I could shield you from it all but just remember that God loves you, and so do we. 

I can't wait until the day that we meet, your 'birth day'. I often wonder if you will be early or late. I can imagine that you'll keep up with being a little tinker and make us wait until you make your grand entrance. But just as long as you get here into our arms safely, you can take as long as you wish! 

So until we meet, my sweet little son, you just keep growing inside me and keep getting stronger! Mammy and daddy love you so much.

All my love my son,



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