Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Whats in my hospital bag?

Last Friday night we had a little scare where I was admitted into hospital with contractions coming every 5 minutes and lasting for about a minute. The hospital were confident I wasn't in labour but I thought it would be best if I got my hospital bag packed just in case anything like that happens again. 

For my hospital bag I'm using this basic wheeled hold-all that I got from Argos for £12.99. It's more than big enough to fit everything I need and its even better that it has wheels so that you can pull it along instead of carry it. 
So what have I packed?

For during labour:
- A huge comfy nightie to give birth in
- Two pairs of comfy socks
- A spray bottle for if i get too hot
- Chewing gum
- Blistex lip balm
 - Bobbles and clips
- In the front pocket of my toiletries bag I have a list of important numbers I might need while in labour just in case my phone breaks or runs out of battery.
- Pregnancy notes

For after labour:
- 8 pairs of big knickers
- 20 Always maxi pads
- A black lightweight dressing gown
- 2 black vests with hidden support
- A pair of baggy lightweight pyjama bottoms
- A pair of joggy bottoms
- A pair of slippers
- Makeup remover wipes
- 2 spare t-shirts for Mark
- A toiletries bag
- A flannel
- A loofa
 - Shower gel
- A razor
- Vaseline deodarant
- Palmers cocoa butter lotion
 - Mum & Me hand sanitiser
- Boots moisturising nipple cream
- A travel size Bastiste dry shampoo
- A hairbrush
- A comb
- Toothpaste
- 3 toothbrushes (for me, Mark and my mam)
- 10 breast pads
- Handy wipes

Things that I haven't packed yet are my phone charger, makeup and pillow but I have a note on top of my bag to remind me when the time comes to put them in my bag. Also, I have two nursing bra's but I need to take them back and change them for a bigger size. I'm also planning on getting some Lucozade Sport to put in my back and some snacks and magazines. We only live 10 minutes away from the hospital so if I have forgotten anything or run out of anything then I can always send Mark or my mam to get me it. 

These few things wouldn't fit in baby's bag so I've popped them in mine. It's his snowsuit in case it's cold when we bring him home, a nice warm blanket, and a pack of 23 Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies. I think I will probably need more than this but my mam or Mark can always bring some up to the hospital if I do.

I hope this helps any of you who aren't sure what to pack. I went on the NHS website where they give you a list of helpful things to pack. You can find that here. I haven't listed where I bought anything from so if you'd like to know, just ask me in the comments. Thanks for reading! :)


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  1. Thank you for this post! It's really helped me with planning what to bring to the hospital with me for when I give birth. I've read that hospital towels are small and scratchy, so as recommended, I'm going to take my own. Maybe you should consider taking your own towel, too, for the same reasons :) XX

    MollyRose, x x x「」


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