Monday, 19 January 2015

Review | Pact Coffee

I have never been a huge coffee drinker, but the past few weeks my latest pregnancy craving has been coffee. So I decided to treat myself to some lovely decaffeinated ground coffee from Pact Coffee. Now, I had never heard of Pact before but my husband had recently ordered himself a bag and the smell was so gorgeous that I wanted some for myself that I could drink, as his wasn't decaffeinated.

So what makes Pact so special? Well first of all their coffee is hand roasted, world class sourced. So instantly you think, that will be delicious! And let me tell you, it was! What you do is you put all your details and preferences into their website and they recommend you a coffee flavour. The flavour I was recommended was Decaffeinated Finca San Anotonio. The flavour and smell is supposed to be that of chocolate digestives, although I didn't really think it tasted of chocolate digestives although I could definitely smell it. But that didn't bother me at all, it was easily fixed; I just dipped some digestives into my coffee instead. Bonus!

So after you have been recommended your flavour of coffee, they hand grind it freshly for you and send it out in First Class Royal Mail so it comes to you the very next day as long as you order before 1pm. I think this is terrific service, especially for a raging pregnant woman like me who was craving a good cup of coffee! They deliver to most UK addresses and the packages fit through most letterboxes so you don't even have to wait in for the postman. 

Pact boast that they roast their world class beans in small batches as this ensures optimum quality, and you really can taste this when you're drinking it as it definitely tastes rich and fresh, exactly what I like in a good cup of coffee. If you're having your coffee beans ground, they do so within minutes of it being sent out and sealed in a special valve bag to keep the coffee fresher for longer. They also grind it according to how you're going to use it, for example fine for espresso or coarse for a cafetiere.

In all, I think the idea of this company is great! Their customer service is spot on, and they do everything to ensure that you get a great tasting cup of coffee, and you can definitely tell through the taste and smell of your coffee. My kitchen every morning since I have ordered this coffee smells gorgeous. There's nothing better than a coffee-smelling kitchen in the morning! 

What's even better is that you can order your first bag of coffee for £1! Then every bag after this is £6.95 which includes P&P. Personally, I would only pay that amount for a bag of coffee if I was treating myself every so often. I'm definitely not the kind of person who would want a bag sent out to me every week, but for your average coffee addict I think this is completely worth it because of everything Pact do to ensure your coffee is to a high standard. 

I definitely recommend that if you love coffee you should definitely at least try this company, even if you cancel your account after the first order. £1 for your first order is nothing and you get a great bag of coffee out of it! 

Make sure you use my code at the checkout so that I can get my free Rhino Hand Coffee Grinder, and then you yourself can recommend 5 people to order using your code and you could get yourself a coffee grinder for free that's worth £35! 

My code is INDULGENCEBLOG or alternatively just click this link and follow the instructions to be on your way to ordering your first bag of personalised coffee:

If you do try this company, or have already ordered through Pact before make sure you let me know in the comments what you thought :)

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