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My Pregnancy So Far..

So I'm going to start doing weekly updates but since I am already 26 weeks I thought I would do a general overview of my pregnancy so far. I really wish I had started doing these right at the start but I got out of the habit of blogging, but anyways I'm back now! We found out on the 3rd October at a 3D scan when I was 16 weeks that we are having a gorgeous little boy! I knew all along that it was a boy, everyone else was saying girl but I just had a feeling. We are honestly so excited, and feel so blessed, we just can't wait to meet him.

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant:
I found out I was pregnant on the 7th July when I was 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant! I had a stock shift at work the next day and I knew there was a chance that I could be pregnant and I didn't want to be doing loads of heavy lifting so I decided to take a test. I totally was not expecting it to come up positive, I was just doing it more to reassure myself I was okay to do my stock shift! Well, I definitely did not end up doing that shift! I was so shocked/excited when it came up positive, there's seriously no other feeling like it. When you want something so bad and then its staring you right in the face, its just amazing. 
I had wanted to do something really special to tell my husband but when he came in from work I couldn't hold it in, so I just said 'I've got something to tell you' and straight away he went 'you're pregnant?!' It was so funny how he just guessed it straight away!! 

The First Trimester:
The first trimester for me was just awful! I was absolutely fine until i hit 6 weeks and the morning sickness just hit me full force. They honestly shouldn't even call it morning sickness, because I had it all day! And it was the worst in the evenings, literally I would eat my tea and then just go and throw it back up. To make things worse I got a kidney infection when I was 7 weeks and ended up collapsing at home because I didn't know I had one, so I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance for some IV antibiotics where I was kept in overnight. So scary!! 
The morning (all day) sickness peaked at 10 weeks and then as soon as I was 12 weeks it just vanished! It really was text book stuff. Although when I was 12 weeks I was on holiday at Center Parcs where my sister and I picked up a vomiting bug, so just as I was getting over my morning sickness, I started vomiting for another reason. Yup, I've definitely been in the wars this pregnancy!
Another symptom I struggled with in the first trimester was the tiredness! My goodness, they tell you you're going to be tired but you don't expect just how tired you really are going to be! I was in bed every night by 8pm and most days I would have a nap during the day. I was just drained off all energy and I seriously could sleep all day if it was acceptable! 

The Second Trimester:
To be honest, the second trimester has flown over! Every week I can't believe how far along I am. I like it though because I'm desperate to meet my little man even though everyone tells me to enjoy my peace while I've still got it! 
The only symptom I have really struggled with in the second trimester is hip and back pain. My goodness, it is agony! If I could live in the bath I seriously would because its the only time I get relief from the aches and pains. I am booked in for physiotherapy on the 30th December because its just unbearable. I can't even walk long distances anymore because my hips and back hurt that much! I haven't been diagnosed but I am sure it must be SPD or pelvic girdle pain. 
I started feeling little man kicking at around 16 weeks, but it turned into proper thumps and rolls at around 22 weeks. Its gorgeous just feeling him wiggle about in there, its my favourite thing in the world! I love just to watch my tummy moving from side to side!

26 Weeks Pregnant:
So currently I am 26 weeks pregnant so I will do a little weekly update for you now :) 

How far along?  26 weeks and 4 days.
Baby’s size: According to the What to Expect App baby is the size of an Eggplant. Yup, I have no idea what one of those is either! But he is 9.2 inches long and should be weighing in at around 2lbs!!
Total weight gain: I haven't been keeping track of my weight, however I did weigh myself around 2 weeks ago and I had gained 13lbs, not really sure if that's good or bad but I'm not too worried about it.
Maternity clothes?  Sometimes if I want to wear some jeans I will wear my maternity ones but mostly I've just been living in leggings or pyjama bottoms with a long vest on. I do think that I will need to purchase some new vests a few sizes bigger however, as the ones I have now are starting to get stretched beyond their means!
Best moment this week:  Feeling my little boy doing kicks and rolls in my tummy everyday and knowing that he's doing okay in there!
Miss Anything?  Being able to get comfortable in bed! ARGH its a nightmare trying to get into a comfortable position at night, everything huuuurts!
Movement:  Yes, all day every day! I don't think this little boy ever sleeps!
Food cravings:  Chocolate! I made my husband open his huge bar of galaxy I had all wrapped up for him for Christmas so that we could eat it. What baby wants, baby gets!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been feeling quite nauseous a lot this week but I'm on antibiotics for a water infection (again) so I think its probably just that.
Gender:  Boy.
Symptoms:  Occasional nausea; slight insomnia; weird dreams; extremely emotional!
Belly Button in or out?  This is a weird question but we'll just roll with it! Its in for now, although it is starting to make its way out (gross!)
Looking forward to:  Going down to see my mam next week for Christmas! Ahhhhh, I seriously can't wait for her to feel her little grandson kicking :) 
Other Fun Things to Note: I've started trying to get out every day for a short walk as I've read that staying active can make your labour easier, also I'm hoping that it helps with my sore hips and back if I'm keeping more active. I'm just hoping that the snow holds off because its not going to be much fun walking around in the freezing snow and risking slipping over! That would not be fun at all.

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