Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Dry Skin Saviours

Now I don't know about you but the winter weather plays havoc on my skin! Every winter I get ridiculously dry skin especially on my hands. This year, however, adding pregnancy into the mix my skin has been horrendous. It's been very sensitive aswell which makes having dry skin very painful. So I thought I would do a post about what dry skin products have been saving my life this very cold winter.

First off lets start with a real gem that I've found! The Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Lotion. Its specifically designed for very dry skin and because it is formulated with Shea Butter it not only smells amazing but it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft for ages after. I beg to differ about how it claims that hydration is felt for up to 7 days but as I like to apply moisturiser every day I'm not too fussed about it not lasting. It's fast absorbing aswell which is great for after I've gotten out of the bath in the evenings and all I want to do is get into my jarmies and climb straight into my warm bed, as I'm not stood for ages waiting for my moisturiser to dry. Overall, I have been very impressed with this product and how hydrating and kind it is to my very sensitive skin!

Next I have been using Avon's Skin So Soft Tissue Oil. I bought this because the skin on my tummy has been very sore and itchy lately which makes me think that stretch marks are getting ready to make an appearance! I'd read somewhere that applying an oil to stretch marks is better than applying a cream so thought I would give this a try. It's formulated with Phytol, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Its also enriched with Argan Oil which leaves my skin feeling gorgeous and it smells lovely too. I have been using this on my stomach, hips and boobs in the hope I won't get really bad stretch marks, even though I'm well aware that stretch marks are inevitable I'm still going to try to reduce them. 

Moving onto my hands which I feel are the worst out of all my dry skin dramas of the moment! I like to use anti-bacterial gel on my hands which really strips my skin of all its natural moisture. So when the skin on my hands gets so bad like it is now, I whip out the big guns! The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin. Hemp oil is a great way to restore moisture and nutrients to the skin and after only one application of this hand cream I notice a huge difference. It really relieves the pain of having dry skin, and because of all this we can forgive the awful stench that hemp has!

Finally, my lips are always dry. All year round! I don't know what it is but I always have dry flaky lips. It's horrible! So, recently I have been using Maybelline's Baby Lips Intense Care. I apply this to my lips whenever I remember to during the day and it definitely makes a difference. My lips feel instantly soft and hydrated. I always have to apply this before applying lipstick as otherwise the lipstick just clings to the dry skin and looks awful. 

So those are my dry skin saviours this year! What have you been using to keep dry skin at bay this winter?

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