Friday, 14 March 2014

What's In My Bag?

I thought it would be nice to do a What's In My Bag? blog post as I love looking at what other people have in their bags, and its one of my fav videos to watch on YouTube. And lets be honest, I'm a girl and I love to show off my handbags! 

The bag that I am using at the minute is the Michael Kors Jet Set Top Tote. My mam had bought this bag while she was in London last year but found that it hurt her shoulder when she was carrying it for a long length of time. Well for me, I just love bags and especially that it was Michael Kors and I had been lusting after one for ages, I was over the moon when she asked if I wanted it! I couldn't get it off her quick enough. 

I love this bag! I often wear my bag on my forearm instead of on my shoulder so I don't find that it cuts into my shoulder like my mam did. With the long straps it makes it very easy to hold. There is so much storage in this bag which can be a good thing, but for me it is just an excuse to load it full of receipts and other rubbish! Even still, this bag is just gorgeous and one of my favourites that I own! 

My purse is also Michael Kors. Its the Michael Kors Exclusive iPhone® 3Gs, 4s & 4 Wallet, Black Snake-Embossed and again off my mam. Some call me spoiled, others call me loved! If the boot fits ;). 

I always carry a hand cream of some sort with me as in the colder weather I am very prone to dry hands. Right now I have the Avon Care Cocoa Butter with me. I love this cream, it makes my hands smell like chocolate and leaves them super soft. I also always carry deodorant and body spray. I use Vaseline Aloe Sensitive 48h Protection. This smell reminds of when I went to Spain last year so thats always a bonus! The body spray that I am using at the minute is another gem from Avon called Sensuelle. I also carry my Body Shop shea perfume my husband bought me for Christmas. Working in a coffee shop can leave you smelling a bit off, which is why I carry so many smellies! 

As for lip care in my bag at the minute I carry two lip balms from The Body Shop (of course), one in Raspberry and another in Passionberry. These are delicious, not only do they make your lips soft but they smell good and they colour your lips so they double up as a lipgloss! I also have in my bag my Mac Lipstick in Hue and my Body Shop mint lipgloss to make my lips look glossy when I have my lipstick on. 

Other bits and pieces in my bag are my Barclays PINsentry so I can log onto my online banking wherever I go. My swipe card for work, if I don't leave it in my bag I always forget it! I have my glasses in their case and a nice little black pouch where I put my engagement ring when I am at work as I'm sure no one would begrudge me if they found a diamond fallen into their drink but to be honest I don't fancy sharing my beauty!

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