Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Body Shop Body Butters ¦ Review

Anyone who knows me knows how much I am in love with The Body Shop. Not only just The Body Shop, but more specifically the body butters from The Body Shop. I simply cannot get enough of them. There is nothing I love more than climbing out of a gorgeous hot shower of a morning and lathering on a thick layer of beautifully rich body butter. I have been demanded by my husband that I am strictly banned from buying anymore body butters until I have used all the ones that I have. Well, what he doesn't know won't harm him!

My ultimate favourite scent from The Body Shop is all things strawberry! So I was overjoyed when I learnt they had a strawberry body butter (hydration for normal skin). So not only could I smell like a strawberry in the shower, but I could smell like one all day after my shower. The body butters are so rich that they leave their fragrance on your skin for the whole day. So when I'm overheated from running round work on a busy day, I am not only as red as a strawberry, but I smell like one too! It's awesome! On the tubs they have the 24hour sign, and I definitely agree that they leave your skin feeling soft for this long. They are all made with Shea Butter so no wonder they leave your skin so soft! 

Not only does the scent stay on your skin all day, but so does the softness the butters bring. Unlike moisturisers which I find just soak into the skin within an hour or so and leave no lasting impact, the butters leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated for the full day, which is great, the scent is just an added bonus!

All the body butters are 200ml, 6.7Oz, 912g. I have found that even though I lather on these body butters like they're going out of fashion they last for ages. So they are totally worth spending the quite expensive £13 that they cost.

What's even greater about The Body Shop is that they use all Community Fair Trade products and ingredients so even though I'm not a major Fair Trade fanatic, it's still nice to know that while I'm in body butter heaven, I am doing my bit for the community.  

Other body butters that I have are the Ginger Sparkle (hydration for all skin types), Passionfruit (hydration for dry skin) and the Coconut body butter (hydration for dry skin), each smelling absolutely divine. 

It's always a good idea to keep your eye on the sale section too because I had been lusting after the Passionfruit body butter for months but the hubbie had already put the ban on no more body butters, so when I went into The Body Shop on my birthday to get my free gift, I was so excited to find that the Passionfruit butter was in the sale section for £5!! Absolute bargain, and SO worth it! 

I have also noticed that they have introduced a new Special Edition body butter smelling of blueberry and it smells so good! I asked the sale assistant how long they were keeping it in stock and she said roughly about 4 months, so plenty of time to talk my husband round! 

If you love the feeling of soft skin, and of a gorgeous smelling, long lasting body butter, then I definitely recommend you get down to your nearest Body Shop and get lost in the endless choice of Body Butters they have! You're welcome in advance ;) 

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