Friday, 14 March 2014

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Carrier Bracelet ¦ Review

So last month it was my 21st birthday and my Nana asked me to look at some jewelry to give her an idea of what I wanted off her. But me being me, of course I could not decide what I wanted. I'm always so indecisive with everything! So I told my cousin to go along with my Nana and to just surprise me. And am I glad that I did! I would never have been able to choose such a perfect gift for myself. She got me the Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Carrier bracelet. I adore it! It is so classy and subtle unlike other charm bracelets which are totally in your face. This one just sits nicely on your wrist and compliments any outfit. 

The two accessories that my Nana chose for me to go with my bracelet were obviously the 21 as it was my 21st birthday, but also the love heart which I just think is so cute! What I love about Thomas Sabo is that there are so many of the accessories to choose from, but they are all equally as classy as each other. I have already chosen a list of them off the website that I want, and I've told my husband which one he is buying me! I loved how this bracelet was wrapped. They pay so much attention to detail and I love how affordable they are. 

The bracelet itself is made from silver, so I know that it will last. I only wear mine on occasions though as I am so clumsy most of the time that I'm frightened I might break it! Overall, this is such a lovely gift for any woman, and totally affordable which is what we all like to hear! May even make a good gift idea for the upcoming Mothers Day!  

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  1. I came across your blog, its really nice and very beautiful bracelets.

    Charles Fish


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