Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Welcome to the world, Isaac Mark Finn

Photo credit: Amy Coulbeck Photography

Isaac Mark Finn
March 15th 2015
8lbs 7oz

Life has been pretty crazy since the birth of our son, so you can imagine why my blog has been a bit neglected! I'm hoping to be able to blog every so often but not sure when I will get the time, so my posts will probably be all over the place for a while. I hope you all understand. I'm hoping to do a labour and delivery post soon as I don't want to leave it too late and forget everything that happened during my labour! We are so in love with our little boy, and we're enjoying every day with him. It's so hard being a new parent, but so worth it and I am loving every moment of it :)


Thank you for all your comments, I appreciate and love reading them all!

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