Monday, 6 February 2017

I'm back!!


I can't believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I last wrote a blog post! Have you all missed me?! I think motherhood has just been far busier and hectic than I imagined so I haven't had a chance to get back into blogging. As it's the start of 2017 I'm making a conscious effort to use this year to get back into writing on here and I hope I can stick to it! 

I'm going to be using this blog just as I have been; for beauty, hauls, recipes, etc. So if that sounds right up your street make sure you're following me on Bloglovin to know exactly when I write a post! 

As for what I've been up to it really hasn't been anything else other than being a mother to my beautiful little boy who has become my whole reason and my life literally revolves around him. 

So here's to 2017 and plenty of rambling blogposts from me!! 



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