Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shower OCD

I sometimes find it fun to co-ordinate my bathroom for when I'm in the bath and shower. Yes, I am a complete freak. You should be used to this by now ;)
Here are a few examples of my Shower OCD...

Avon Strawberry Sorbet bubble bath, SuperDrug Strawberry & Raspberry shower gel, Alberto Balsam Raspberry shampoo, The Body Shop Strawberry body butter.

The Body Shop Coconut Cream body scrub, Nivea Creme Coconut shower cream and The Body Shop Coconut body butter.

Radox Relax shower gel, Avon Blackberries & Vanilla bubble bath and The Body Shop Passion Fruit body butter.
Do you like to couple your shower products according to scent or colour, or is it just me?


  1. I love using stuff from the same range so my bathroom looks coordinated (never thought about the colour / scent thing - it looks good) but I'm trying to break that habit slightly and use things that work for me, regardless of whether they match, and also to get some variety into my regime. It's a hard habit to break though as I think the mis-match of bottles make my bathroom look untidy!

    Great post! Helen x


    1. I know, thats the way I am. I actually have very sensitive skin and I shouldn't even use scented shower gels or bubble baths but I just don't care they're too nice!
      Thanks for your comment :)

      Ashleigh xx

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